Shawn Purcell, Director

Oil/gas and mining supply chain specialist with +25 years broad based domestic & international experience in oil/gas, mining, operations, engineering procurement & contracts management (EPCM), pipelines, and manufacturing/fabrication. We deliver effective project and operations value by maintaining integrity and best practices. We develop effective procurement processes, motivate high performance teams, and closely collaborate with executive and cross-disciplinary teams, whilst negotiating win-win relationships with suppliers, contractors, and stakeholders.



  • Strategic and best practices in contracts, procurement, & materials management.
  • Diverse heavy industry projects & operations experience.
  • Supplier/Contractor negotiations and relationship building
  • Broad sub-contracts & engineered equipment knowledge.
  • National & International Sourcing.
  • Schedule driven perspective.
  • Domestic & international experience
  • Extensive senior experience in refinery operations (domestically & internationally).
  • Steel & HDPE pipelines builds.
  • Compressor stations builds.
  • Polyethylene processing plant builds.
  • Electrical & mechanical buildings construction.
  • Pilings & foundations.
  • Potash solutions mining redevelopment.
  • Copper & gold operations.
  • Capital potash wellfield developments.
  • Oil/gas refinery turnarounds.
  • Manufacturing & fabrication (skid packages, modules, and vessels).


Definitive, clear, concise, and fair negotiated terms & conditions are paramount in any contractual agreement for provision of services, or goods for all parties. PURSUIT ensures all terms and conditions are negotiated to ‘mitigate’’ any future potential legal encumbrance. 


PURSUIT is well versed, and skilled in the importance of cross-disciplinary input in the contracts & procurement process, in both operations and projects environments.


Keen adherence to critical path is paramount to continually meet or exceed project schedule requirements. We ensure project managers are kept abreast of potential schedule slide and offer mitigation.

Key Benefits

When working with PURSUIT you will gain long term benefits with your contracting and purchasing options. Key benefits of utilizing an outside procurement company include:


Implement highly effective purchasing procedures


Develop future supply agreement contracts with preferred vendors


Help to capture lower contract pricing for items purchased on regular basis


Increases better pricing, service, quality control and delivery


Services on demand. Use as needed without the costs associated with an employee


Cost savings for your company today and in the future

His attention to detail in an expedient manner on important projects was invaluable

Shawn Purcell has completed two (2) contracts with Propak Systems Ltd. during my employment there as Purchasing Manager. He has a broad knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation equipment relevant to the oil/gas and petrochemical industries. His hands-on materials experience to the senior buying level affords Shawn a wholistic view in problem solving and he takes the right approach

Don Whalen
Supply Chain Manager
Flint Infrastructure Services Inc.

I look forward to working with him again

I have utilized Shawn’s services for my international purchasing requirements in the Middle East and Russia while previously operating in these areas. He was a key contributor in putting together foreign customers and domestic suppliers, and ensuring all technical and commercials issues were addressed and resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. He provides the full service package. I look forward to working with him again.

Rod Colbert
Worldwide Purchasing Services Ltd.

Shawn was instrumental in creating strong interdepartmental communication links

Shawn was instrumental in creating strong interdepartmental communication links, and processes that resulted in substantial improvement in timely material receipt and availability. He was a key member of a team that developed Repair Services Agreements for our critically required downhole pumps and pipeline compressors. We utilize the framework of these agreements to this day. Shawn really represents his Clients with earnest

David Allen
Lead Operations Engineer
Qatar Petroleum (Arabian Gulf)


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