RFx’s Formulation & Bid Issue

RFX’s Formulation

To provide you with the most valuable RFQ, PURSUIT will:

Assist in development of specifications to suit your needs

  • All technical specifications requirements are defined accurately within the Request for Proposal/Quotation’ (RFP/RFQ) technical specifications package including drawings, data sheets, operating conditions, bill of materials, source inspection plans, vendor data requirements, and packaging requirements.
  • By defining exactly what you require from the seller, you are more likely to receive detailed technical requirement, thereby shortening the purchasing process – Effective & Efficient!

Development of Commercial Terms and Conditions

  • PURSUIT will assist you in developing Commercial Terms and Conditions for Purchase that suit your business, procuring your equipment and materials on your terms and your terms only.

Prepare Instructions to Bidders and Form of Proposal

  • Having a detailed “Instruction for Bidders” included in your RFP/RFQ, bidders will submit their proposals with a comprehensive understanding of the issues of intent, compliance, deviations, specific instructions, pricing, weights & sizes, and delivery schedules.
  • A Form of Proposal document is included with each RFP/RFQ that addresses issues of pricing, alternates, spare parts & special tools, site services costs, engineering and manufacturing schedules, sub-suppliers’ disclosure, and proposed terms of payment.

Bid Issue

During the bid issue process, PURSUIT will act as your key point in all communications between bidders and your internal stakeholders. This will ensure all matters are addressed in a timely basis and included within the bid package.


    Vendor sourcing & qualification

    You will be able to source bids from numerous vendors to ascertain a current view of pricing, market conditions, and new technologies.


    Bid issuance to qualified vendors

    Only highly rated suppliers will be issued the Request for Quotations and Proposal (RFQs/ RFPs).


    Expediting of bids with vendors

    The bidder will have all clarifications required responded to immediately, allowing them to submit a complete and accurate proposals/quotations within the specified timeline.


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